Product Reviews

The 13mm Resistance Band is the best band ever! So many uses! I mainly use this band for lat activation, hamstring activation, bicep and tricep supersets as well as hanging weights in certain lifts. This band is pretty much a requirement for training. Awesome quality too!

Brad M

The large Glute Band is definitely a must have in the gym bag! Been able to activate glutes and other Lower body muscles efficiently than when using lower quality or worn out resistances bands. Spent less time thinking if my glutes were switched on and more time making gains.

Angelo R

The Peanut Trigger Ball is one of my favourite ways to release tight muscles in the lower back, traps, lats, and chest area (especially helpful before and after heavy squat and deadlift days). Very good quality as well! Would definitely recommend.

Dana S

I’ve been using the Glute Activation Band for 2 months now and it’s been amazing. I use it prior to every session. The quality is very good. There hasn’t been any frays and the elasticity is the same as when I bought it. Everyone at the gym always borrows it too and I’ve only ever heard positive feedback about it!

James C

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