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You’ve probably noticed that most trainers and experts are biased with their recommendations. For instance, the former powerlifter now recommends the big three lifts; the bodybuilder teaches others the basics of the sport; the sprinter recommends high-intensity interval training for building muscle and losing fat.

That makes sense because these people have enjoyed their respective activities and want to spread the message. But what if there was another way of learning and helping others find what they enjoy doing?

Let’s discuss.

Finding Your Groove

Just as one can find their groove while dancing and enjoy themselves, they can do the same with their training. While people are quick to recommend a specific type of training based on your goals, there is more than one way to skin a cat. 

For instance, people interested in getting stronger are more likely to pick up powerlifting because the sport helps them reach that goal. But what if you don’t enjoy that type of training and prefer to do something else, such as CrossFit or Olympic lifting? 

The great thing about fitness is that you can approach it in many ways to achieve a particular outcome. I assume that everyone reading this wants to make progress, and the good news is that you don’t have to get married to one type of training because someone says it's the best. 

Various exercises and training modalities can help you shed fat, build muscle, get stronger, and become more athletic. Experiment and find what gets you in the groove. Do what you enjoy, and you will be more consistent and more successful in the long run.

Different Types of Activities And Why People Enjoy Them

  1. Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a popular sport today, and many people participate to develop their strength and show off their hard work in competitions. The objective is to lift the most weight possible on the bench press, back squat, and deadlift.

Trainees enjoy the sport because it offers a real sense of progression, makes you more functional, supports muscle growth, and allows you to join a community of like-minded and hard-working individuals.

  1. Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting is similar to powerlifting in some ways. You must lift the most weight possible on the two competition lifts: the snatch and clean and jerk. Still, the sport offers many more activities trainees can leverage to develop whole-body strength, power, and athleticism.

Many people enjoy Olympic lifting because the sport is more technical and leverages training form, explosiveness, and body awareness for optimal performance.

  1. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding training aims to build muscle mass. Unlike powerlifting, the objective isn’t to lift the most weight possible but to:

  • Perform a variety of movements
  • Train in a variety of repetition ranges
  • Hit each muscle group two or more times per week
  • Establish a good mind-muscle connection

You should still focus on your performance, but that comes secondary to aesthetics.

  1. CrossFit

CrossFit is another strength sport that’s become incredibly popular in recent years. Many people enjoy CrossFit because it is more fast-paced and offers a real sense of community. You attend group classes where a coach leads you through workouts that consist of various compound exercises like kipping pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, etc.

June 10, 2022 — Daniel Felstein

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