Mobility Tips for Tight Back Muscles

Tightness in your back muscles is quite common after heavy training, or even from day to day movements. It’s normal to feel some tightness or soreness after working out, and when sitting for long periods of time.

However, it can still be uncomfortable and also affect your daily movements such as bending down etc.

What can cause it?
Common causes of back tightness includes sports injuries, overtraining, and even sitting.⁣

How can you relieve and prevent back tightness?
Regular foam rolling, trigger ball use and stretching can help relieve tightness in your back. Try our simple mobility tips for yourself!⁣

Upper Back - Using a Foam Foller
Why use a foam roller?
The upper back/Thoracic region is quite stiff and stable. The shoulder blades and muscles in the upper back will protect the spine while you are foam rolling.⁣

  1. Place your hands behind your head to stiffen out your back.
  2. Relax and breathe out as you roll the foam roller up and down your upper back and traps.

Lower Back - Using a Trigger Ball

Why use a trigger ball?

The trigger ball can push into the muscle in the lower back/Lumbar region and pinpoint tighter areas easily.⁣

  1. Pinpoint the tight area with the trigger ball.
  2. Apply pressure and stay on trigger ball until tight muscles release completely.

Remember: when it comes to your training ‘The Small Things Add Up’.

September 15, 2020 — Daniel Felstein

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