deadlift injury

We all know that feeling, when you’re peaking for a comp and your joints from head to toe just feel like they’ve had a beating- sore elbows, knees, shoulders. More than likely these sore joints are causing your body to compensate elsewhere and create other issues. All of the physical stress adds to the mental stress that comes when peaking for comp.

This is where your preparation exercises are vital. Along with some treatment from an outside professional such as a chiro/massage therapist, your solo preparation is required to keep the body in a prime operating state, reducing the risk of any major injuries that come from not servicing the body.

Many people will find that their limited sets and reduced volume grant them a smaller workout time. My suggestion is to maintain the same total gym time but just dedicate some extra time that you now have to releasing those tight muscles, rolling out, making sure everything is active and working the way it should be before jumping into the intense weights you will be lifting before comp and at comp.

The time you invest into your prevention and preparation is nothing on the scale of things when looking at the recovery time for any major injuries that not only cost you time and money but also hinder and decrease your progress that you have worked so hard for.

May 20, 2019 — Daniel Felstein

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