The Great Thing About Hardships

The words within the above image is the core of this post, ‘Success begets success’. Meaning the more times you are able to succeed or achieve something that makes you feel good, the more likely you are to try and replicate the great feeling you receive from succeeding.  

When you look at comfort and you look at discomfort, you know that they are exact opposites. When you’re comfortable you feel good in the moment. However when looking back on comfort, such as watching TV after work, you will always feel like you could have made better use of your time. Discomfort is your friend. Our instinct is to avoid those situations, sit down and play it safe. However, you’ll find that once you overcome a hardship or conquer something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it comes with a great feeling of success and accomplishment.

In reality the above paragraph explains ‘do things that are comfortable and you will feel uncomfortable for playing it safe’, vs ‘do what is uncomfortable and you will feel a great deal of success and achievement’. What sounds better to you?

This habit of overcoming hardships and creating a habit of succeeding time after time happens to everyone who is lifting and getting stronger over time while at the gym. This is why it becomes very addictive. The feelings and endorphins released when you are able to do something that is difficult or uncomfortable, such as a new PB (Personal Best) on a squat in the gym for example, feels great. You’re not so much addicted to the actual discomfort of squatting a weight that is uncomfortable for you, but the feeling of success afterwards is where the addiction comes from. The more hardships you overcome compels you to overcome more and more hardships and it ends up turning into a never ending cycle of overcoming hardships and feeling great doing it.

The best part about this 1 habit that you have built in the gym is that it’s then transferred into all the other aspects of your life. This success pattern then starts popping up into careers, relationships, studies. Whenever there is a hardship that needs to be overcome, the body has been tuned to know after hardship, you not only get better but you also are granted a feeling of success and accomplishment. Success begets more success.

April 06, 2019 — Daniel Felstein

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