Balance Mat

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The PPP Balance Mat is designed to enhance your stability and balance, challenging the proprioception of the body and developing the intrinsic muscles of the foot and ankle. It creates instability and forces your body to switch on the stabilisation muscles, which are harder to switch on when using just the floor.

The PPP Balance Mat is made from thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE foam making it highly resilient. At 6cm thick, the PPP Balance Mat can also be used as cushioning for other kneeling exercises such as the Nordic hamstring curl and the half-kneeling Pallof press.

It’s a must-have for mobility and rehab exercises. Click here to see how to warm up using a balance mat.


  • 50cm x 40cm x 6cm
  • Colour: Blue
  • TPE foam


Click here to view our Rehab & Training Guide to see how to use this product.