Glute Activation Band

$34.99 $40.00

The PPP Glute Activation Band is available in 2 sizes Medium (Blue) and Large (Black).

Medium (Blue) - Suitable for individuals who are 40kg - 75kg
Large (Black) - Suitable for individuals who are 75kg+


The PPP Glute Activation Band is the perfect squat and deadlift activation tool used to activate and warm-up your gluteus Maximus, gluteus medial and hip flexors.

Great warmup tool for your squat and deadlift, particularly if you are a lifter that struggles with knees caving in (internal rotation) during your lifts. The Glute Activation Band will warm-up your key squat muscles and stabilisers for an effective and powerful lifting session.

To use: Place just above your knees and perform bodyweight squats, crab walks, lying glute bridge or seated external rotations.

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