Mobility Bundle Pack

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Our Mobility Bundle Pack features 2 of our most popular mobility products.

  • 8mm Yoga Mat

    A non-slip mat made from eco-friendly TPE. It is latex and rubber-free, making it a great choice for those with allergies.

    Provides superior cushioning and comfort compared to other yoga mats, which will assist you during your exercises and stretches and prevent knee pain /other joint pain.

    Features body alignment lines that will help you focus and achieve the correct position you need to keep your body in perfect alignment as you exercise and stretch

  • Trigger Ball
    The PPP Trigger Ball is used when trying to release a specific muscle or target a direct area on the body. Trigger Balls act as a DIY Chiropractor. Just like when a Chiro or Physio is digging their elbow into a tight muscle to release it.