Peanut Trigger Ball

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Material: Silicon

Size: 12.6cm (L)
Colours: Black, Blue


The PPP Peanut Trigger Ball, however, allows for equal amounts of pressure to be placed on 2 areas at the same time.

It’s great to use when trying to release a specific muscle or target a direct area on the body. Peanut Trigger Balls act as a DIY Chiropractor. Just like when a Chiro or Physio is digging their elbow into a tight muscle to release it.

Muscles that are too tight to move through a range of motion of a movement make not just that muscle more prone to injury, but the joints affected by that tight muscle also.

It's great for use on both sides of the lower back/erectors, and both sides of the upper traps and can be used to release a greater section of the ITB (side of the Quad).

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